WORDS $20.00 (Educational Reading Board Game)
Includes all game parts (1 game board, 8 player pieces, 1  20-
sided dice, directions)  
ISBN-13:  978-0-9702743-1-1
ISBN-10:  0-9702743-1-9  

Children must roll the dice, then move their player pieces, but
they must watch out for the booby traps!  If they land on a word
space, they must correctly read the word in order to stay on that
space.  If they can't, they can then be told the word but they must
move back 5 spaces.  The first child to make it through the maze
to the finish line is the winner!  WORDS is a board game designed
to give children the practice they need to learn and master words
on site, a critical step in becoming an outstanding reader.  Your
children will have hours of fun practice while at the same time
improving their reading ability!  WORDS is a wonderful gift idea
any time of the year!  A great educational game for all beginner
readers, they will love it!

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                                     Durant PRO TOUR GOLF ($39.99)

Durant PRO TOUR GOLF is the most realistic golf board game there is.  Included in this
game are the OWGR top 100 golfers plus 50 additional golfers from the 2016 season for a total
of 150 tour player cards.  Play solo or battle against your friends.  Organize your own pro tour
golf season.  Replay the major championships, tour playoffs, tour championship, and team cup
matches.  Pro golfers will perform just like they do in the pros!  You will have hours of fun!  
This golf board game is great for golf fans of all ages.  It's perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or
any occasion.  Game includes 150 tour player cards, game board, 2 dice, chart sheet, score
sheets, roster sheet, and directions.

                    The new season player cards are available in January of each year